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FACES 2024 Registration Now Open

Livingstone Range School Division students can now register for FACES 2024!

Grade 9, 10 & 11 students, this is your opportunity for a life-changing summer education experience. 

Please see the details below for information and registration information about Livingstone Range School Division's FACES Summer Program for students currently in Grade 9/10/11.  We will have a presenter from FACES at CCHS in the coming weeks to present to Grade 9 students about this program (if you have a Grade 10 or 11 /student who would like more information about the program, please contact the school and we will make arrangements for them to participate).  The FACES program allows students to earn credits towards high school completion (up to 10 credits for each year of participation in the program.

The following information can be found on the FACES Website (click here):

Ready to Register? - click here - https://www.faceseducation.com/registration

FACES is more than just our name, it's what we do - Facilitating Awareness and providing Character building Experiences for Students.  FACES creates a community that is safe and supportive. This environment fosters connection that deeply impacts students. We have come to understand that through connection, we more fully understand and feel our personal value.  Within this community, a safety emerges that enables students to take the risk of being vulnerable. This vulnerability, accompanied by wise and essential boundaries, is the fertile ground that nourishes appropriate and healthy risk taking. Eye-opening awareness of thoughts, feelings and actions inevitably follow.

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