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Welcome to Crowsnest Consolidated High School


Paul Pichurski



To provide a safe and supportive environment which promotes individual growth and fosters the development of academic abilities, artistic and physical talents, social skills, and citizenship so that students will become life-long learners and responsible contributing members of society.


Guiding Principles and Beliefs About Learning

  • The success of students is the shared responsibility of students, parents, school, and community.

  • Students are entitled to a safe, secure and caring learning environment where each individual is respected and valued.

  • Quality educational programs develop the total person - social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional dimensions.

  • All students have the right of equitable access to a quality basic education program that meets their diverse needs.

  • All students can learn and experience success.

  • Students have a responsiblity to participate fully in the achievement of their educational success.

  • The satisfaction of students, parents and the public is critical to the success of the education system.

  • The education system must provide our society with creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are prepared for the world of work, post-secondary studies, life-long learning and citizenship.