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Staff Directory


Photo of Paul Pichurski

Paul Pichurski


Photo of Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton

Assistant Principal & Learning Support

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Rose Bellavance

Rose Bellavance

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Barb Pollice

Barb Pollice

Administrative Assistant - Finances

Support Staff

Photo of Ryan Bowen

Ryan Bowen

Learning Commons Coordinator

Photo of Lettie Croskery

Lettie Croskery

Career Practitioner

Phone: 403-915-0781


placeholder image for Hilary Mozeski

Hilary Mozeski

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Photo of Ashly Wicks

Ashly Wicks

Child Youth Care Worker


Photo of John Bole

John Bole

Jr/Sr High Science, Wildlife

placeholder image for Jason Clifton

Jason Clifton

Off Campus (WORK EXPERIENCE) Coordinator

Photo of Johanna Dalton

Johanna Dalton

Gr. 8 ELA, Gr. 9 SST

Photo of Zach Harris

Zach Harris

Jr/Sr High Construction, Sr. High Math

Photo of Mathew Hennig

Mathew Hennig

Jr/Sr High Physical Education, Hockey, Outdoor Pursuits, Athletic Director

Photo of Barbara Ann Hession

Barbara Ann Hession

Jr/Sr High Art, Jr High English Language Arts, Jr High Social Studies

Photo of Krysta Macdonald

Krysta Macdonald

Sr. High English Language Arts, Drama, Film Studies

Photo of Jody Peebles

Jody Peebles

Sr. High Math

Photo of Ryan Peebles

Ryan Peebles

Sr. High Science

Photo of Sharon Plante

Sharon Plante

Jr High Math

Photo of Rudy Schuh

Rudy Schuh

Gr. 7 Math/Science, Sr. High Physical Education, CALM

placeholder image for Rob Tkachuk

Rob Tkachuk

Sr. High Social Studies, Jr/Sr High Technology Studies

Photo of Colleen Tkachuk

Colleen Tkachuk

Gr. 7 English Language Arts/Social Studies, Jr. High Health, Place Based Learning

Photo of Stacey Wright

Stacey Wright

Jr/Sr High Cosmetology, Sr, High Foods, Recreational Leadership, CALM

Educational Assistants

Photo of Lani Folkard

Lani Folkard

Photo of Sherri Gleave

Sherri Gleave

Photo of Tynan Groves

Tynan Groves

Photo of Carmen Johnson

Carmen Johnson

Photo of Laura Pollice

Laura Pollice

Photo of Alison Sandilands

Alison Sandilands


placeholder image for Irm Davis

Irm Davis


placeholder image for Joe Gfrerer

Joe Gfrerer

Head Custodian

placeholder image for Teresa Pearce

Teresa Pearce


placeholder image for Fred VanderLinden

Fred VanderLinden