Every student, every day.


Family School Liaison Counsellor

Hilary Mozeski: 

The FSLC can be reached by contacting the Crowsnest Consolidated High School at 403-563-5651. She is at the school Monday to Thursday's 8:30 - 3:30 and Friday's 8:30 to 1:30.

The FSLC program operates within the Crowsnest Consolidated High School. A primary goal of the FSLC program is to effect positive change in the lives of children and families through counseling, advocacy, and linking with community agencies and resources. 

A second goal of the FSLC program is to provide proactive and preventative services to all students to enhance their coping skills and to effect environmental change within and outside the school.

Learning Support

Learning Support Programming for students at CCHS is coordinated and managed by the Learning Support Advisory Team. 

The Learning Support Advisory Team is comprised of;

  • Miss. Hilary Mozeski, Family School Liaison Counsellor
  • Ms. Ashly Wicks, Child and Youth Care Worker

The team meets weekly to discuss current resource programming, student progress and students at risk.   

Learning Support programming is based on the belief that students learn best in an integrated setting with their peers in a safe and caring classroom climate.   Ensuring a caring climate involves creating a sense of belonging, importance and personal power.  Classrooms must be nurturing places with teachers paying attention to making positive connections with students, fostering emotional growth and meeting students basic academic needs.  Academic needs are met both within classroom structures and in pull-out situations which supplement classroom learning. 

Students who have been identified with exceptional needs (mild, moderate, severe disabilities) will sometimes require program accommodations and modifications which are best met outside of their regular classroom and would involve individual or small group programming.  Although programming remains a teacher responsibility, teacher assistants, volunteer or other resource personnel might assist with program implementation.  Students identified with disabilities which have affected their ability to gain competency with Reading, Mathematics or the Writing Process often require specific skill instruction at their current achievement levels.  


Livingstone Range School Division school staff strive to work together with all special needs students and parents to design appropriate programming for all students based on shared information.  Any concerns can be addressed at the school level with the Learning Support Teacher and Principal, and then, if necessary with the jurisdiction to determine the needed next steps. (Policy 14, Livingstone Range School Division #68)  Further problem solving might involve the Superintendent of Schools, the School Board or the Minister of Education.