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School Counselling

The role of schools has certainly changed over the years and schools have changed with it. Currently at CCHS we offer counseling services which address the academic, social and emotional needs of our students. Our philosophy is that students who connect with adults in the building and with each other are able to learn and grow as individuals.   Janet Elder, our Family School Liason staff member, is present at CCHS on Tuesday and Thursday and is available to work with students who face a variety of counseling needs. Jody Rice, Child and Youth Care Worker is also available five days a week to assist with academic and personal counseling. Both staff members work to assist teachers in offering programming in Health and CALM , promote safety and caring in our school culture and connect with students as needs arise . Loretta Schaufele, from  Alberta Health Services Additions and Mental Health on Thursdays, is another member of our team who is available to talk to individual students and present in Health and CALM classes.  Alberta Health Systems Public Health Unit visits the school regularly to provide vaccinations/immunizations and function as a information source. Add to this list a committed staff and administration and there certainly are a lot of people connecting with the students in our building. That, we feel , is what it is all about!

Safeguarding Your Valuables

From time to time, items do go astray in the school.  It is the students responsibility to look after his or her possessions.  The school will not reimburse for items lost or stolen.

  • Do not bring large sums of money to school.

  • Do not bring cell phones, IPads, tablets etc. to school.

  • Keep your locker combination to yourself and use the locker to store your possessions. Keep locked at all times.

  • Give valuable items to your Phys. Ed. teacher before class.

  • Label all your belongings.

  • You can leave items with the office secretarys for safekeeping. 

Inquiries regarding lost property should be directed to the office.  Books, materials, and other items that have been found should be turned in to the office immediately so that the rightful owners can make inquiries or claims concerning the lost item.

The school does have a lost and found table located on the lower floor. Please check it for lost items. Any items not claimed by the last day of the school year will be donated to the Woman's Resource Centre. 

Supply List

General Supplies:

Teachers may request further supplies during the school year.

  • 3 Large Ring Binders
  • 5 pkg. Looseleaf Paper                                                   
  • 3 pkg Dividers
  • 1 pkg HB Pencils
  • 1 pkg Pencil Crayons or Felt Pens                                  
  • 1 Metric Ruler - 30cm                                               
  • Pens (Blue, Red, Black)
  • White Eraser                                                                      
  • 1 scientific calculator
  • 1 Pair of Shorts and T-shirt                                                               
  • Running Shoes - with non-marking soles     

High School Requirements

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