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Grade 9-10 Transition Information Parent Meeting

Grade 9 - 10 Transition Information

Grade 9 parents and students are invited to a Grade 9-10 Transition Meeting at the school on Tuesday, April 16 at 6:30 in the CCHS Learning Commons.  If parents have specific questions prior to this, please contact the front office to schedule an appointment:

403-563-5651 or s-cchs@lrsd.ab.ca 

As we approach the end of the school year, we have started to have conversations with this year’s grade 9 students about what they can expect as they move from grade 9 into grade 10.   The move from Junior High to Senior High includes many changes and adjustments for students.  

During our initial presentation to grade 9’s, we discussed the requirements for completing grade 12 (click here), the different course streams available, how those course streams impact possible post secondary studies or career opportunities and how current performance and achievement will impact course recommendations. 

We also shared the process for course recommendations that will take place this year.  We will be sending home term 2 report cards in the coming weeks; included in the report card comments for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Socials Studies will be a preliminary course recommendation for grade 10 placement.  Parents and students are encouraged to review these preliminary recommendations.  In some cases, students may need to adjust their efforts or seek out specific support in order to improve their grades in these core courses in order to influence these recommendations.  

Final course recommendations will be made in April, based on student performance and achievement at that time; this information will be communicated to parents and students towards the end of April or beginning of May.  In order to allow for accurate recommendations, students are encouraged to put an appropriate amount of effort into their school work to be sure that their grade is an accurate reflection of their ability.


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